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Britain Votes to Leave the EU, Review by: European MDNA Member Firm

Review By: John Marshall of MDNA Member Marshall Machinery Ltd. 

The Results are in: We are OUT  ::  Cameron to Stand down in three months. £ has dropped to lowest level: : House Builders share have a dramatic fall.
john marshall, marshall machinery
John Marshall, Marshall Machinery Ltd (MDNA European Chapter)

Having sat up through the night to watch the counts come in, it is clear that there is a relatively even split throughout the United Kingdom and the vote has been won by a relatively narrow margin. But looking at each region individually, there are huge differences in specific areas. Turnout has been higher than expected though (72% on average), so the voting public have engaged in the referendum process, with almost 20% using postal votes where they weren’t able to reach the polling stations.

This is a shock result though and one that we know many of our clients were not expecting. We have heard a lot of political and economic arguments, but we have asked our team of professionals to explain how we anticipate this will impact on our clients: Employers, Landlords, Individuals and Businesses.

1. Impact on UK Law

It is very important to remember 2 key facts:

  1. i) The United Kingdom has a 2 year window to put in place the exit mechanism, and
  2. ii) All of our laws are put in place by legislation in the United Kingdom, not directly by EU Law.

Therefore from a legal perspective today is business as usual. Nothing has changed as of this moment in respect of UK legislation – it is all still valid and in place.

So how does EU Law impact?

There is some impact in that those in the European Union are protected by its “fundamental freedoms” and if the UK legislation is considered to breach those freedoms then the European courts can rule that certain aspects of the UK law are invalid and fail. These cases tend to be related to business or taxes. The freedoms are to move goods or capital, free movement of workers, and freedom to provide services in the EU. This means that if the UK has a law that would restrict the ability of an EU member state to benefit from any of the fundamental freedoms, that aspect of the law fails. For example, the UK cannot have tax rules whereby a trust with an EU trustee is worse off than it would be with a UK trustee.

These laws are still written in UK legislation, but the right to challenge these on EU principles will be withdrawn. In practice it was large businesses who would use these rights of challenge to test UK law, but the principles established then applied to everyone.

2. Impact on Small Business

UK Focus

Many of our clients deal entirely within the UK market; we manufacture, run shops and cafes, have local printing businesses and, in the main, deal with UK suppliers and customers. Machine tool business is international

We anticipate the following changes:

  1. i) The Ripple Effect: further up supply chains or down customer chains there may be a reliance on the EU free trade protections, which may disrupt otherwise very steady businesses.
  2. ii) Finance: Overnight the economists have been suggesting that inflation will increase as the pound weakens in the short term, in light of the short term uncertainty. As the strength of the pound depends on confidence in the currency, is it reasonable to think that it would be impacted until the 2 year exit plan had been finalised?

iii) Employment: see below

  1. iv) Funding: there are grants and funding available for training, recruitment, research and development work available under EU initiatives, which are likely to be withdrawn quickly. Any business that had been planning to make claims should review whether that funding remains available.
  2. v) VAT: This is a European tax, and so may be withdrawn, replaced or, possibly, increase as it becomes a tax on movement of goods and services over the new EU border. See the section below for the early information by the Chancellor on the expected Emergency Budget and tax impacts.

Businesses with cross border transactions will find their costs, particularly outside of the EU, have increased in the short term whilst the currencies even out. Within the EU it may be that the euro also weakens and so, ironically, trade with the Eurozone may increase in the short term.

3. Employers

Employers will need to keep a close eye on the impact on their specific market, as the volatility in currency strength, exports, anticipated changes to VAT and their employees.

It has been warned that there will be increased taxes to plug the shortfall with public funding, which may well be applied as increased business tax, council tax and employer NIC. At the same time, many small employers are just introducing the pension requirements through auto enrolment. With the 3% tax increase being mentioned in the press, and a pension cost starting at 2% of wages, UK costs will be increasing.

Depending on how the exit is negotiated, there may no longer be a right to work in the UK for EU nationals. Employers with EU nationals should continue as normal today, unless or until the law is changed. It may be that they will require visas or permits, or that only skilled workers will be permitted.

It should also be noted that if interest costs increase, then mortgage costs will increase, and employees will be facing increasing costs in their home life.

4. Individuals, savings and investments

Overnight the stock markets have reacted to this news, as forecasts had predicted that the UK would remain and this has gone against expectations. It is being commented that the voting public have not trusted the economic information that has been presented to them, and this early warning is that the movement on some of the overseas markets is down 15% (as at time of writing – 4am). If the LSE were to open at 4am, it would be 8% down overnight… we wait to see what happens as it opens.

Travellers and holiday makers are likely to find that their currency exchange rates will take a hit, not only in the EU and the Eurozone, but also against global currencies. Booking all-inclusive holidays would be a sensible decision to provide some degree of protection against fluctuating costs until the markets settle down.

Savings and pension funds holding share portfolios will be impacted in the short term, and those who have annuities based on the stock markets (which includes many annuity backed pension funds) may find that their pension annuity reduces, or that their fund is depleted as the capital is used to top up the income needed.

Expats and EU nationals living in the UK

It is not clear how this relationship would continue, as there are thought to be almost 3m EU nationals living in the UK, and a large number of UK nationals living throughout the EU. In theory, there will no longer be any entitlement to do so, as the fundamental freedom of movement allows EU nationals to live in different countries.

Many of the EU nationals in the UK are in lower paid employment and are a key part of manufacturing and care services, as well as providing seasonal work for agriculture. This will be a key aspect of the 2 year exit strategy.

5. Landlords

Property traditionally holds value on long terms trends, but the UK has had recent tax changes that have impacted on the property market already, and so this is likely to create volatility. Until last year, overseas investors were not subject to UK capital gains tax on UK property; with this tax now introduced, and with the freedom for the UK to increase these taxes now, will be see overseas owners choosing to sell their UK properties?

Landlords with EU nationals as tenants will need to keep an eye on the exit strategy to see whether those nationals will be permitted to remain.

Inflationary impacts on mortgage interest need to be factored in when looking at forecasts, particularly as tax relief for that interest is being withdrawn. It may no longer be commercially viable for some landlords to retain all of their properties.

6. Expected Emergency Budget

The Chancellor had warned that tax costs would have to increase in the short term, and that there is likely to be an austerity budget, with further cuts to public services. It has been widely commented that this was announced as a tactical move, as it would break with election pledges not to increase tax.

We expect to hear in the coming days as to how the UK Government intends to seek to restore calm to the UK economy.


This is a shock result and will create short term volatility, but based on what we have seen happen before it is reasonable to expect the marketplace to settle down in the near future. In the short term it is a matter of weathering the storm and preparing for the opportunities that may be presented by lifting of any restrictions placed by the EU on trade.

The UK is a nation that has proven adept at adapting – whilst the result may be a shock, now is the time to reflect and ensure that everyone is looking to their own businesses and investments to ensure that our country continues to thrive.

It is perhaps telling that we have come full circle, and the best advice we can give, as at 5am, is to Keep Calm and Carry On!

Bob Yeoman

New England Chapter Tours the Famous Fenway Park

MDNA’s New England Chapter met on June 9th 2016 for a very unique and special experience touring the famous Fenway Park in Boston, MA. The chapter dinner meeting followed the tour at the local Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill. A special thank you to Paul Gedenberg with BayState Riggers & Millwrights (Machinery Movers + Auction Removal Specialists) for helping to sponsor this event!

Read what members had to say about this meeting…

L to R: Mark Barowsky, American Systems & Equipment, Brian Besse, Wigglesworth Machinery, Kevin Brewster, AEA, On Target Machine Brokers LLC.
L to R: Mark Barowsky, American Systems & Equipment, Brian Besse, Wigglesworth Machinery, Kevin Brewster, AEA, On Target Machine Brokers LLC.


Bob Yeoman
Bob Yeoman, Yeoman Machinery Corporation

“Last night I attended the New England Chapter meeting and toured Fenway Park. My motive was purely selfish – as I thought this might be the only opportunity I might ever have to see the greatest park in MLB – but the frosting on the cake was the chapter meeting.

It allowed me to put some face time in with some of our members I have known for many years – and a few I have never met.  I also met up with a prospective new member who would not only be a good addition to our organization – but provided me with a direct link to a European machinery line that I was looking to contact. (Just what our organization is supposed to be about – Right?)

On another note – I have worked with Kevin Brewster on a few deals – but this guy should appear in the dictionary as our poster child for MDNA. Enthusiasm to say the least – with keen understanding of what our association can do for us as individuals and dealers. He’s working hard on both fronts for the organization and his membership.

I know I benefited enormously by taking the time to attend this meeting.” –– Bob Yeoman, Yeoman Machinery Corporation

“Thanks for setting last night up. The people who couldn’t make it missed a great time.”

–John Bouley, Furnace Brokers Inc.FENWAY2

“Great job last night …..FYI Julie is your secret weapon…Awesome help!!!”

–Nate Smith, Absolute Machinery Corporation

“Thank you for the opportunity. It was a great first experience with the MDNA. I learned a lot and what a great bunch to hang with. I’m looking forward to the future with the MDNA.” Paul Gedenberg, BayState Riggers & Millwrights

See the photo album from the event here

Members, make sure to check out MDNA’s Calendar of Events page and your MDNA email notices for regular chapter events to attend throughout the year.


Adam Young Gun 2edit2

Meet MDNA’s newest Young Gun, Adam Herman

Get to know MDNA’S newest Young Gun, Adam Herman of MDNA Member Firm, Prestige Equipment Corp. Read his own words as he talks about how he got into the industry, hobbies, family, and the machinery business itself.

When I met my wife Arielle, I had no idea that I would eventually work with her father, Terry Lashin, and uncle, Paul Lashin, at Prestige Equipment Corporation.  At the time, I was an attorney specializing in real estate finance, acquisitions, dispositions and restructurings in New York City.

Adam Young Gun 2

In the years prior to making the switch to working for a machinery dealer, Terry would ask me from time to time to help out with a legal matter and with contracts relating to acquisitions of plants and equipment.  I found that my background in real estate and finance lent itself very well to the machinery business.  However, making the switch from doing large corporate office work, to working in the machinery industry can sometimes feel like it’s the Wild West!

One of my first jobs was working at a New England based metal distributor – I started cleaning out the trash from around the machines in the warehouse and from there I transitioned into a sales role, and also helped with the company’s website design and troubleshooting.  I always enjoyed doing sales and working in the manufacturing arena. So, once I decided to make a change, I was lucky enough to be able to have an opportunity to join Prestige in a hybrid legal/business role.  I still get to spend a fair amount of my time dealing with contracts, acquisitions and other legal matters, but I also get to do some sales and business development.  Being in the machinery business, I feel like I am learning something new every day.

I have been been married to Arielle Herman (formerly Lashin) since 2012”         Our son, Benjamin just turned 16 months old.

Adam with wife and kids
Adam & Family

Now that I’m a new Dad, my number one hobby is parenting. Besides that, I enjoy playing golf, cooking and watching sports.  Being from the Boston area, I am also a huge Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics fan.  My favorite sport is lacrosse, and as a former player I still try to watch as much college lacrosse as possible.

I grew up in Newton, MA – just outside of Boston, MA and across the street from Boston College.  One unique thing about me is that I am a triplet, one of three boys.  One of my brothers lives in the NY area and one lives in Boston. I also have a younger sister who is 28 and lives in Boston.

I learned very quickly that at Prestige, we pride ourselves on being a good joint venture adam herman 1 editpartner.  In my role, I am able to use my legal skills to not only make sure Prestige is protected legally, but also work on behalf of our many partners in the business.

Prestige Equipment is one of the leading providers of used machinery in the world. We specialize in all types of CNC and Manual Chipmaking and Fabricating Equipment, including Bridge Mills, Boring Mills, Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Lasers, Grinding, Gear, you name it.

We also have an industrial auction and liquidation division, Prestige Equipment Auctions LLC.  I have been particularly involved in helping to develop and grow our auction business over the past 2 years, which has been exciting to be a part of.

You can reach Adam Herman @

Who are MDNA’s Young Guns? Learn More here

Check out some of the machinery categories and manufacturers Prestige Equipment sells below:

  Popular Manufacturers   Popular Machine Categories

Giddings & Lewis
Mori Seiki

Aerospace Machines
Bending Rolls
CNC Bridge Mills
CNC Gantry Mills
CNC Horizontal Boring Mills
CNC Horizontal Machining Centers
CNC Lathes
CNC Lasers
CNC Planer Mills
CNC Turning Centers
CNC Vertical Boring Mills
CNC Vertical Machining Centers
Cylindrical Grinders
EDM Machines

Floor Plates
Gantry Mills
Gear Grinders
Gear Hobbers
Gear Machinery
Horizontal Boring Mills
Horizontal Machining Centers
Horizontal Surface Grinders
Gantry Mills
Manual Lathes
Planer Mills

Plasma Cutters
Press Brakes
Roll Grinders
Rotary Surface Grinders
Rotary Tables
Tube Benders
Turret Punches
Vertical Boring Mills
Vertical Machining Centers
Waterjet Cutting
Welding Manipulators



75th Annual Convention & Business Meetings Re-Cap

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors for helping to make this year’s 2016 Annual Convention celebrating our 75th Anniversary special!  See all sponsors displayed below

MDNA’s 75th Anniversary Convention & Business Meeting was held at The BroadmoorIMG_0209 in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado Springs, Colorado on May 5th-8th, 2016. There were over 175 attendees who participated in a wide variety of programs, seminars, and special events during this special 75th Annual Convention.

The convention kicked-off with a comical ice breaker Karaoke competition between MDNA members, guests and their families. Members revealed great musical talent and courage while under the spotlight during this playful piano Karaoke Competition!


Some of this year’s events, educational offerings and programs this year included the Anti-Fraud Seminar presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security, Seven Steps to Small Business Success seminar, a live Webinar presentation on marketing, AMEA’s Family Feud Games, the competitive golf outing, the Annual Open Business meeting, an organized spouse/companion tour of the national landmark, the Garden of the Gods, and the President’s Banquet as well as many enjoyable, well thought out receptions and parties.


Slides are now available from the live-webinar presentation on “Increasing Your Relevance Through Intentional and High Impact Content.” The slides are located on in the Member’s Only Back-Office under Resources. You must login to view them.

This year’s Convention Exhibitors included: Direct Capital Corp., A Division of CIT Bank, N.A., Heartland Industrial Group, Liquidity Services, Inc., LOCATOR Services, Inc., The, Charleston Annex Corp. / Asset Sales, Inc.

Notable Awards Presented:

The 2016 MDNA Leadership Award was presented by MDNA First Vice President – Joe Lundvick, CEA, Perfection Machinery Sales Inc. to Ed Krause, MDNA Director at Large/ MDNA PR Chair, of F.H. Machinery.


Senior Board Member Jack Boecher, AEA, MDNA Past President, Raco Industrial Corp.  was honored as he stepped off the Board after 29 years of service to MDNA.


The Austin D. Lucas Scholarship Fund raised $30,000 during this year’s convention through the annual Ray Roberts Raffle.

“A special thank you to Joe Lundvick, the Seminars Chair for putting together a great mix of interesting, entertaining and educational seminars for you at this year’s convention. I’d also like to thank John Conroy, the Convention Chair and the Convention Committee for working so hard to plan this year’s convention.” — MDNA’s President, Kim Khoury

Photos from Convention: To view the complete photo album of photos from the MDNA 75th Annual Convention visit our FB PAGE

Special Thanks to MDNA’s Convention Sponsors Below

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MDNA West Coast Chapter 

Liquidity Services – MDNA Online Auction Partner – 2016 2nd sale Announcement

MDNA/Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Market Sale 2 for 2016 is coming soon.  As previously communicated,  the MDNA has partnered with Liquidity Services to provide aLiquidityLogo free online auction program exclusively for MDNA members.  List your own assets, set reserves if necessary; Liquidity Services will market the sale, invoice and collect the proceeds and send you a check/wire. Best of all, there is 0% seller commission to members who choose to participate!

Changes this year:

  • Auction sales will be held on both the GL and GoIndustry website
  • You will be able to list start prices for each lot
  • Reserves will need to be removed or lowered by 25-50% if asset remains unsold after 2 sales

ALL ASSETS UNDER $5,000 to be sold ABSOLUTE (no reserve), must be priced to sell


Sale #3:   Closing on 9/21/16

Sale #4:   Closing on 12/08/16

Each event will be a combination of assets from MDNA members along with high quality inventory from our corporate clients including Caterpillar, Celestica, Eaton, Honeywell, Orbital, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, Intel, and many more.

Timeline for the 2nd 2016 Go-Dove Industrial Manufacturing Marketplace Sale is as follows:

  • Member assets submission deadline  June 1 (Start listing now, you can pull assets up to June 10)
  • Catalog review week of June 6th Sale go live date June 10th (No Assets can be listed or pulled after this date)
  • Inspection by appointment up until sale close
  • Sale Close Date June 23rd
  • Buyer Payment collection by Liquidity Services in the following 72 hours
  • Buyer asset removal by appointment June 27th – July 14th(coordinated between buyer and seller)
  • Ship confirm notification received before July 1st will be paid to the member week of July 15th
  • Ship confirm received before July 15th will be paid by July 30th (Or sooner if ship confirmation returned promptly)

For additional details on these sales and to begin listing your own assets into the upcoming events, please contact:

Jim Spencer, Liquidity Services, (248) 508-1684/

Questions regarding this great new MDNA member benefit and other valuable benefits can be directed to: Mark Robinson , MDNA/ 703-836-9300/

Troy Clark, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, Bruce Baggar - North American Millwright Services, Inc.

Mark Robinson recaps highlights from the Philly Chapter Meeting

From Philadelphia Chapter Meeting, Thursday March 31st

I had a fantastic time attending the Philadelphia Chapter meeting in Baltimore, MD at MDNA Premier Vendor North American Millwright’s facility.  Once again the value that our Premier Vendors bring to the MDNA was on full display.  Chief Executive Officer and

Troy Clark, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, Bruce Baggar - North American Millwright Services, Inc.
Troy Clark, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, Bruce Baggar – North American Millwright Services, Inc.

Founder Bruce Baggan and his team hosted a very informative meeting and tour of their facility showing attendees the full depth and breadth of the services offered to MDNA members and other customers.  They can remove, replace, relocate or install any piece of equipment or machinery with precision and safety. When that equipment or machinery requires maintenance, repairs or modifications, North American Millwright stands ready for that challenge as well.  This is just one of many great MDNA Premier Vendors available and ready to serve our members and the demands from your customers.

Many thanks to Christian Weiss of Weiss Machine, also an outstanding MDNA Premier Vendor for hosting the cocktail hour reception at the Philadelphia

Chris Weiss -Weiss Machine
Chris Weiss -Weiss Machine

Chapter Dinner.  Like North American Millwright and all of our Premier Vendors, Weiss Machine is there to help you do business.  Weiss Machine was established to serve the CNC manufacturing industry by providing the highest level of technical expertise coupled with the highest level of professionalism available in the trade.  As many can already attest, Weiss can help you close deals and cement relationships with your customers by being the technical resource often needed by your customers.

And lastly I would be remiss for not mentioning David Vallitt of Machinery Values Inc.  He drove all the way down to the meeting in Baltimore to support the Philadelphia Chapter and to network with fellow members.  Located in Harrison, NJ Machinery

David Valitt -Machinery Values Inc. with Troy Clark, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC
David Valitt -Machinery Values Inc. with Troy Clark, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC

Values Inc. stands ready to partner with you.

All MDNA Members and Premier Vendors are welcome to attend any chapter meeting around the country and some of you have already discovered the value of this “out of chapter networking.”  This should not be a secret to anyone.  To those of you who have not taken advantage of these meetings please note that the calendar on  is constantly being updated with new meetings available to all members and Premier Vendors.

My thanks to Philadelphia Chapter Chairman Troy Clark for inviting me to attend this great meeting.

-Mark Robinson, Executive Vice President, Machinery Dealers National Association

david p techincal article 1

Why you should be using a Shredder/Granulator System to recycle your Plastics

By David Pietig, General Manager/Certified Equipment Appraiser, Arlington Plastics Machinery, Inc. (MDNA Member Firm)

The normal practice used to be to recycle your plastic products in a shredder only if the size, density or type of product required it.  Now more and more processors are using a shredder before the granulator if there is any risk of metal contamination.

By using a complete Shredder/Granulator System that conveys the plastic from the shredder through a metal separator to the granulator, you can maintain fewer work stoppages when dealing with impure recyclables.

A shredder can handle metal contaminates better than a granulator and costs less to repair if something does damage one of the teeth on the shredder.  You can usually replace the tooth or teeth that are damaged for a small cost and much quicker than replacing the entire set of blades or rotor of a granulator.  And, you can usually operate the shredder for a longer period of time with a single damaged tooth.

david p, shredder granulator system plastics machineryBy shredding the product first you can actually free the metal from large parts of the plastic making it easier to be separated. The smaller pieces from the shredder that feed into the granulator create less wear on the granulator components.

If you put metal contaminated recyclables directly into your granulator, you can easily damage your granulator blades. You then need to replace the entire set of blades or have them sent out to be sharpened.  A large enough piece of metal can cause damage to the rotor or shaft which will be costly in both time and money. A new rotor is expensive and it takes time for even the best repair shops to repair.

A shredding/granulating system is a little more costly upfront and a little more involved to set up but if continual output is the main concern, it definitely needs to be considered.

Let’s go green!


Members can opt to go green and receive the MDNA News in all digital format instead of in the mail.
    Help us go green and receive your 2 yearly printed copies of the MDNA News in digital format by email and online!



Which Cincinnati Press Brake Model Is Best for You?

Written By: Adam Mattes, V.P. Sterling Machinery Exchange

Goform- NEW Electric Press Brake

This new technology uses servos to power the ram. This allows for a super highgoform repeat-ability of±0.0002” with repeat-ability day in and day out. It is completely electric and when it is between moves it is silent. The Goform is the perfect solution for small parts up to 1/4” thick and weigh less than 50 lbs. It is a small low profile machine that is built ergonomically for a user to comfortably sit or stand at the machine. The Cincinnati Goform Electric Press Brake has a electro-mechanical drive with satellite roller screws. This machine also has one of the largest strokes available with a 10” stroke and 17” open height compared to only 4” with other competitors brakes.Tooling, Tooling, Tooling, one of the best things about this brake is its adaptability of the tooling you are able to run with it. US Tooling, US self seating, Wila, Trumpf and European is all acceptable tooling for the Goform.The backgauge is a TRUE 6-axis gauge that moves at a incredible speed of 3,000 IPM. The Goform is also designed to be movable using a forklift to allow for easy work flow.


baseformThe Cincinnati Baseform comes with all the basic options and is increasingly the fastest growing brake on the market today, is the Cincinnati Baseform CNC Press Brake. This brake has a very competitive price structure compared to other manufacturers in the New CNC Press Brake Marketplace, such as Accurpress, JMT, Trumpf, Amada, Pacific and other similar high quality CNC Machines. It has accuracyrepeatability of ± 0.0004”. Baseform is a production machine with limited customizable optionsopposed to a Proform, Maxform, Autoform or Goform. Baseform comes with a 3 axis or 4 axis CNCCincinnati Touchscreen control, which is the same control across the board on the Cincinnati CNC Press Brake line. This makes it easier to step into other Cincinnati press brakes as your machinery needs increase, to a machine with larger stroke or other CNC capabilities. Another great option for your older Cincinnati brakes, is that you can upgrade your existing 1990’s CBII, FMII or AF to the same control and have 100% commonality of controls including tool libraries and program files.


The Cincinnati Proform+ is one of Cincinnati’s most popular machine on the market proformtoday. It is a heavy duty general purpose machine to get the job done quickly and accurately! The Proform+ can be customized to include extra stroke, special horns for the aircraft industry and up to a 8 axis CNC Control. Also optional on the Proform+ is auto crowning, power clamping, multiple tool options to accommodate USA, European, Wila and Wilson Tooling. All with a repeatability of ±0.0004”.


autoformThe most customizable CNC press brake made by Cincinnati Inc. is a Cincinnati Autoform+. Cincinnati Inc. can install Special Horns on the machine for aircraft industry forming or other special formingand punching operations. Also included in the Autoform+ is Standard DTC (Dynamic Thickness Compensation which allows the brake to automatically measure the thickness of the material as it is bending to calculate the changes in reversal for air bending). Autoform+ that has ±0.0004” repeatability rate. How long of a Stroke do you need? Just let us know and Cincinnati can build to order. If you are looking for a Tandem Press Brake for long pieces Autoform+ is your best choice!


If you are looking for even more capabilities by way of ultra high speed as well as maxformrepeatability ±0.0002”, please inquire about a MaxForm Cincinnati Press Brake. Cincinnati Maxform Press Brakes can be customized to accomodate larger stroke, auto crowning, hydraulic clamping, standard DTC (Dynamic Thickness Compensation which allows the brake to automatically measure the thickness of the material as it is bending to calculate the changes in reversal for air bending), Heavy Duty Backgauges and more! It comes standard with a 5-axis gauge with optional 6-axis linear motor drive gauge allowing for the fastest CNC system on the market!

Sterling Machinery Exchange, A member of MDNA, has dozens of new and used Hydraulic, CNC, Mechanical, Manual and Electric Press Brakes in stock available for inspection underpower.  This allows for the consumer to see all the different brands and options all in one place.  They ship worldwide and have been in business since 1954. Call to speak with a helpful press brake and forming sales person today!  626-444-0311 This article was Written by: Adam Mattes, V.P. Sterling Machinery Exchange

You can also contact any of MDNA’s machinery dealers, located around the world, by using the Find Members>Search tool on



Liquidity Services – MDNA Online Auction Partner – 2016 1st sale Announcement

MDNA/Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Market Sale 1 for 2016 is coming soon.  As previously communicated,  the MDNA has partnered with Liquidity Services to provide a free online auction program exclusively for MDNA members.  List your own assets, set reserves; Liquidity Services will market the sale, invoice and collect the proceeds and send you a check/wire. Best of all, there is no charge to members who choose to participate!
Changes this year:
  • Auction sales will be 1 week long
  • You will be able to list start prices for each lot
  • Reserves will need to be removed or lowered by 50% if asset remains unsold after 2 sales
  • There will be a NEW Machinery 3 week Private Treaty/Sealed bid sale to follow in April for newer assets 2006 and up to be marketed globally
Sale #1: Closing on 3/23/16 AND *NEW*
Private Treaty Sealed Bid Sale to follow on 4/4 4/26
Sale #2: Closing on 6/22/16
Sale #3: Closing on 9/21/16
Sale #4: Closing on 12/08/16
Each event will be a combination of assets from MDNA members along with high quality inventory from our corporate clients including Caterpillar, Celestica, Eaton, Honeywell, Orbital, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, Intel, and many more.

Timeline for the 1st sale is as follows:
  • Member assets submission deadline  February 26th (Start listing now, you can pull assets up to March 1)
  • Catalog review week of February 29th
  • Sale go live date March 1st  (No Assets can be listed or pulled after this date)
  • Inspection by appointment up until sale close
  • Sale Close Date March 23rd
  • Buyer Payment collection by Liquidity Services in the following 72 hours
  • Buyer asset removal by appointment March 25th  – April 8th (coordinated between buyer and seller)
  • Ship confirm notification received before April 1st will be paid to the member week of April 15th
  • Ship confirm received before April 15th will be paid by April 30th
For additional details on these sales and to begin listing your own assets in the upcoming events, please contact:
Jim Spencer
Liquidity Services/GoIndustry DoveBid
(248) 508-1684
Questions regarding this great new MDNA member benefit and other valuable benefits can be directed to:
Mark Robinson