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MDNA Member Benefits at a Glance

The following are some of the many valuable benefits and services available only to MDNA members.

The MDNA Logo – The privilege of displaying the MDNA logo is reserved exclusively for current members in good standing, and tells potential customers and other dealers that the company has agreed to abide by the Association’s stringent Code of Ethics. Members in good standing may use the MDNA logo on their letterhead, website, business cards and other advertising and promotional materials.  Members have acknowledged that use of the MDNA logo frequently aids and simplifies the initiating of transactions and business

Advertising/Public Relations – MDNA promotes advantages to customers dealing with MDNA members by spending substantial sums each year on advertising and public relations programs, including participation in the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) held in Chicago, and other regional and national exhibitions and trade shows each year.  Sales leads developed from MDNA’s participation in trade shows are made available to all members.  In addition, MDNA maintains an Internet site which allows customers worldwide to find MDNA members.

Chapter Meetings – Chapter meetings are held throughout the year among the 13 chapters, and, generally, local meetings are open to all MDNA members.  Frequently, members visiting out of town on other business will attend local chapter meetings to increase their business and social contacts.

Conventions and Seminars – MDNA’s annual convention is held every spring.  This conventionmeeting, as well as the bi-annual educational program, WEEKEND WITH THE PROS, and periodic BOSS seminars (Business Owners Success Seminars), offer timely training and significant networking opportunities to meet and develop business contacts with fellow members.

Used Machinery Buyer’s Guide – A directory of the current MDNA membership, arranged alphabetically, geographically and by specialty, is distributed to potential customers by direct mail, at trade shows, in U.S. Consulates throughout the world and in response to national advertising.  The Buyer’s Guide has a worldwide circulation of more than 70,000 copies.

Ethics & Mediation – Customers rely on adherence to the Code of Ethics when dealing with MDNA members.  When complaints are brought against members, they are reviewed by the Ethics & Mediation Committee.  The Committee will either determine that there was no violation of the Code, mediate, or make a recommendation to the National Board of Directors, which will vote to exonerate, reprimand, suspend or expel the member.

Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) – AMEA accreditation is available to individuals who have been employed by MDNA member firms for more than one year.  Only dealers employed by MDNA member firms may join the AMEA, and benefit from reduced fees.

Locator Services, Inc. — A wholly-owned subsidiary of MDNA, Locator’s products and services are designed to help MDNA members sell machines while getting the most for their hard-earned advertising dollars.  Benefits include:

  • MDNA members 10% discount on Locator products each month.
  • MDNA members clearly identified in the Locator directory and online.
  • The advantages of conducting business with MDNA members are advertised in the Locator directory and on the website.
  • MDNA members receive extra exposure through the machinery search feature on, where members’ machines are searchable directly from the MDNA website.

MDNA News – The Association’s newsletter published periodically throughout the year, is a regular source of news about MDNA events and programs.  It includes news about the used machinery industry, MDNA chapter activities, members and their firms, government programs, auctions and other issues affecting our industry.

Quarterly Auction Reports – Market information about machines sold at auction is published quarterly and distributed to MDNA members.  These reports state the auction location and date, and include the manufacturer’s name, serial number, age of the machine and price at which it was sold at auction.

MDNA Austin D. Lucas Scholarship Fund – A nonprofit, tax exempt corporation, thegrad student Scholarship Fund was created to award grants for tuition to students entering or returning to college, graduate school or vocational school.   More than 55 grants have been awarded annually in amounts up to $5,000.00 each.   Children whose parents are employees (not principals) of MDNA member firms are eligible to apply for these grants, which are awarded annually.  Application forms are available from MDNA Headquarters each February.  The fund is supported by MDNA and its affiliates, its individual members, chapters and family trusts.

MDNA Library – The library has on file more than 35,000 operating manuals, parts books, specification sheets, sales catalogs and other publications dealing with the metalworking and capital equipment industry.  In many cases, the MDNA library is the only place where copies of catalogs and manuals on unusual or older machines can be obtained, and are available only to MDNA members – free of charge.

Serial Number Reference Book for Metalworking Machinery – This directory of machine tool manufacturers is published on the MDNA website with online access available to MDNA members only.  The directory is also available in CD format.

LobbyingA Unified Voice in Washington – MDNA is a watchdog before Congress and Federal agencies on issues of importance to machinery dealers.  Among the issues the Association follows are product liability tort reform, proposed business tax increases and mandated benefits.  The Association’s offices in Alexandria, Virginia, are conveniently located near congressional offices, federal agencies and other associations that share the same goals as MDNA.government

Access to Resources and Publications - MDNA publishes and periodically updates a Technical Services Directory and Truckers and Riggers Directories which list vendors MDNA members have had satisfactory business dealings with. These directories are helpful when buying machinery in cities where MDNA dealers are unfamiliar with the local vendors, and when technical assistance is needed.  MDNA has also prepared a brochure, “Joint-Ventures in Equipment Deals: Protecting Your Interest,” which is available at no cost to members. Additionally members receive the MDNA Buyer’s Guide, MDNA biweekly, MDNA Board Reports, and the MDNA Serial Number Reference Book 11th.

Mailing Lists – MDNA members receive a significant discount off the current price charged to use the MDNA and AMEA member lists.

Member Sponsoring Credit – Sponsors of new MDNA members receive various credits or promotional gifts.

Other Services – MDNA firms and their employees may take advantage of a variety of business-related and recreational discounts and special services.  These include:  business insurance, credit card vendor services, and discounts for delivery & courier service, car rentals, freight & trucking services, and others.

Eligibility for Membershipfile000816536459

EVERY COMPANY CONSIDERING MEMBERSHIP IN MDNA must meet the following three conditions before applying:

  1. The applicant company must have been in business and in operation for at least one year.
  2. The owner or operating officer of the applicant company must have been primarily involved in the purchase and sale of used metalworking machinery or used capital equipment for at least the last three years
  3. Applicants for membership must affiliate with the chapter in the geographic area in which the applicant’s headquarters is located.  Branch members must affiliate with the chapter in the geographic area where the Branch office is located.

There are several categories of MDNA membership, with differing requirements and privileges:

Regular – Any company or any person operating as a company in the United States or Canada is primarily engaged in the purchase for resale and/or sale of used, or used and new, metalworking machinery or capital equipment.  Regular members in good standing are entitled to all privileges of membership.

International – Any company or any person operating as a company located outside the United States and its territories or Canada that is primarily engaged in the purchase for resale and/or sale of used, or used and new, metalworking machinery or capital equipment.  International members in good standing are entitled to all privileges of membership except that of service as a National Officer.

Auctioneer – Any auctioneer that is primarily engaged in the sale of metalworking machinery or capital equipment auction.  Auctioneer members in good standing are entitled to all privileges of membership except that of service as a National Officer of MDNA and may sit on the MDNA Board of Directors with certain limitations.

Branch – A satellite office of a member company in another chapter.  The Branch category, e.g., Regular, International or Auctioneer, is the same as the primary member company.  Branch members pay 50 percent of the applicable current membership fee but pay the full member price for convention registrations, seminars, publications, etc.


MDNA’s MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURE IS A DELIBERATE ONE involving sponsors and approval, first by the local chapter and last by the national Board of Directors.  Becoming a member may take several months because of the scheduling of chapter and Board meetings and other steps in the process.  Careful evaluation of applicants allows MDNA members to benefit from membership in an organization of companies that represent the highest standards, and assures customers that they are doing business with the most reputable dealers in the used machinery industry.

National Headquarters and the Membership Chairman of your prospective chapter will keep you informed of the progress of your application and give you prompt answers to any questions you may have.

The following is a summary of the MDNA membership application procedure:

  1.  MDNA sends detailed information concerning the application and sponsorship procedures to prospective members upon request.  Applicants apply and join through the appropriate chapter.  MDNA will provide the names and addresses of the officers of that chapter, and refer your inquiry to them.
  2. The application is returned to MDNA headquarters signed by a principal of the company.
  3. Sponsorship forms must be completed by sponsors with whom the applicant has done business in the past, and must be returned to MDNA.  Sponsors must meet the following requirements:

*Only companies that have been MDNA members for at least the past three years are eligible to sponsor an applicant.

*At least one sponsor must be a member of the applicant’s prospective chapter.

*At least one sponsor must be a Regular or International member of MDNA; the second sponsor may be a Regular, International or Auctioneer member.

*International Applicants must have one International and two Regular sponsors.

  1. MDNA publishes the applicant’s name in the MDNA News or Bi-Weekly.
  2. Before the chapter votes, at least one principal from the applicant firm must attend a meeting of the prospective chapter with a representative of one of the sponsors, or the sponsor must provide a letter of introduction to be read at the meeting.
  3. The chapter votes on the applicant.  If the vote is taken at a chapter meeting, at least 30% of that chapter’s member firms (and a majority of the elected officers) must be present.  Acceptance is by an affirmative vote of 80% of the eligible voting members attending the meeting.  On votes by mail, fax or other secure electronic communications, all such ballots must be signed by a firm’s owner or officer, at least 30% of the chapter member firms must vote, and acceptance is based on favorable votes from 80% of the eligible voting members returning their ballots by the designated deadline.
  4. Following acceptance at the chapter level, the MDNA Membership Committee reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the National Board of Directors.
  5. The Board of Directors votes on the applicant.

After acceptance by the Board of Directors and payment of the first year’s dues, the applicant becomes a member of MDNA, and is qualified for all the benefits of membership.