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Email Spoofing Alert, Best Practices and Security

E-mail spoofing is the forgery of an e-mail header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source.
Security recommendations include:

If you have an IT Department: There is an “SPF” or Sender Policy Framework record in place for the MDNA.ORG domain.  An SPF record isa DNS record that defines which servers on the EMAIL-SPOOFINGinternet are authorized to send messages on the behalf of a particular domain.  Currently, the SPF records define the servers from McAfee / MX Logic, the external e-mail security system being used for MDNA.ORG, as the authorized servers.

In order for SPF to work properly, your company IT department needs to tune their e-mail security systems so that SPF record validation is enabled for all incoming e-mail from the MDNA.ORG domain.

Basic Safe Practices

Never click unfamiliar links or download unfamiliar attachments. This may seem like a no-brainer, but all it takes is one employee in a company seeing a message from their boss or someone else in the company to open an attachment or click a funny Google Docs link to expose the entire corporate network. Many of us think we’re above being tricked that way, but it happens all the time. Pay attention to the messages you get, don’t click links in email (go to your bank’s, cable company’s, or other website directly and log in to find what they want you to see), and don’t download email attachments you’re not explicitly expecting. Keep your computer’s anti-malware up to date.

Turn up your spam filters, and use tools like Priority Inbox. Setting your spam filters a little stronger may—depending on your mail provider—make the difference between a message that fails its SPF check landing in spam versus your inbox. bandovetinh Similarly, if you can use services like Gmail’s Priority Inbox or Apple’s VIP, you essentially let the mail server figure out the important people for you. If an important person is spoofed, you’ll still get it, though.

Learn to read message headers, and trace IP addresses.  When a suspicious email comes in, you can open the headers, look at the IP address of the sender, and see if it matches up with previous emails from the same person. You can even do a reverse lookup on the sender’s IP to see where it is—which may or may not be informative, but if you get an email from your friend across town that originated in Russia (and they’re not traveling), you know something’s up.

Weekly Economic Commentary image



Weekly Economic Commentary

By John J. Canally, Jr., CFA Chief Economic Strategist, LPL Financial  

Last week, global equity markets, including in the U.S., were driven lower by a variety of fears, most notably the weakness in China’s economy and financial markets, as well as the Chinese government’s response (or lack thereof). As a new trading week (August 24 – 28, 2015) begins, the S&P 500 is in the midst of its first 10% pullback since late 2011, triggering talk of recession signals. The latest reading on the Conference Board’s monthly Leading Economic Index (LEI) — released last week for July 2015 — helps to provide some timely guidance in this area.

The LEI is one of our “Five Forecasters” (see our Midyear Outlook 2015: Some Assembly Required for further discussion) and provides a valuable guidepost each month as to where we are in the economic expansion. As noted in our Outlook 2015: In Transit, when the economy has not been in recession, the S&P 500 has been positive 82% of the time and provided low double-digit returns. When the economy has been in recession, the S&P 500 has been positive just 50% of the time, with average returns in the low single digits. The latest reading on the LEI, based on data from July 2015, revealed that the LEI had climbed 4.1% since July 2014. The LEI is designed to predict the probable path of the economy 6 – 12 months in the future. Since 1960, a span of 667 months (or 55 years and 7 months), the LEI’s year-over-year increase has been at least 4.1% in 333 months. Not surprisingly, the U.S. economy was not in recession in any of those 333 months. Thus, it is highly unlikely that the economy was in recession in July 2015, despite the impact of the weakening Chinese economy, the stronger…

Read the Full Report here: WEC_082415

economic image 81015


Market participants and the financial media have recently been hyper focused on the sell-off in Chinese equity prices, the sluggish pace of the Chinese economy, and the implications of both for global growth. The results thus far suggest that global growth in 2015 is indeed accelerating versus 2014. We last wrote about global growth in mid-July 2015 (“Gauging Global Growth: An Update for 2015 & 2016”), noting that the market continues to expect that global gross domestic product (GDP) growth will accelerate in 2015, 2016, and 2017, aided by lower oil prices and stimulus from two of the three leading central banks in the world. Since then, the United States (23% of global GDP), China (13%), the United Kingdom (4%), South Korea (2%), Indonesia (1%), Sweden (1%), and Singapore (less than 1%) have reported Q2 GDP. Together, those countries account for nearly 45% of global GDP. Second quarter 2015 GDP in four of the seven nations beat or matched consensus expectations (China, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and Sweden), while five of the seven countries reported results that either were in-line with or accelerated versus the prior period (China, the United States, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and Sweden).

This week (August 9 – 15, 2015), another six countries are scheduled to report Q2 GDP figures, including the Eurozone (24% of global GDP), Japan (6%), Russia (2%), Poland (1%), Thailand (less than 1%), and Malaysia (less than 1%). Together, these nations — a nice mix of both developed (Eurozone and Japan) and emerging market (Russia, Thailand, Poland, and Malaysia) countries — account for 35% of global GDP, which means by… Read the full Report here: Economic Commentary 08102015

economic image 81015

RESELL CNC in Inc. 500 Magazine

MDNA Member Firm, RESELL CNC Recognized as the 108th Fastest Growing Company


Washington, D.C.- MDNA Member Firm, RESELL CNC was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #108th RESELL CNC  in Inc. 500 MagazineFastest Growing Company in the US for the second year in a row. As a second time honoree they’ve joined an exclusive group of companies such as Microsoft, Zappos, Under Armor, Intuit, and GoPro.  This year, Resell CNC Auctions earned the #108 spot overall, an increase of 47 positions, and the #7 spot in business products and services.

“We are pleased to have once again been recognized as an Inc. 500 company. We are committed to our customers and to being the easiest, most reliable and trusted platform for buying and selling used manufacturing equipment,” said CEO John Butz.

He continued, “And with our continued expansion of our Phoenix, Arizona location headed by Mike Mills and with the recent addition of Scott Magnuson, Resell CNC is poised to continue on our rapid growth path.”


Media Contact: Matt Horn, Resell CNC Auction, 844.478.8181,

SOURCE Resell CNC Auction

FOR MDNA PRESS RELATED INQUIRIES: Jennifer Gray, Phone: 703.836.9300 Email:



Export-Import Bank, The Debate Rages On

Washington, D.C., Government Affairs Update- August 3, 2015 

Fan or not of the Export-Import Bank, the debate rages on.  The Charter for the Export-Import Bank expired in June. NAM and other business groups are pushing for the world-map-whitereinstatement of Ex-Im sighting American business’s disadvantage in the global market place without this tool.

Opponents of the Ex-Im led by conservatives in both the House and the Senate believe that the bank doles out “corporate welfare” to favored firms.  Opponents also believe that the banks usefulness is overstated by supporters.

Background: The Export-Import Bank has served American businesses for the last 81 years who compete internationally. Ex-Im was started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression to boost exports. Its stated purpose is to help provide financing for companies looking to do business in foreign markets.

Bloomberg’s Quick-take here of both sides:

Ex-Im prospective from Boeing Chairman:

car2 d troutman

Joint Ventures with MDNA

A story of how Members work together in ways you would not think

By Mark Robinson, Executive Vice President, MDNA

This mantra proves itself to be true time and time again and sometimes in ways that surprise us.  On a recent trip to Columbus Ohio to follow one of my passions, I attended a large custom car show.  This event draws upwards of 7,000 cars so you can imagine how large the grounds of this show were.  And you can also understand that it is nearly impossible to see all of the unique displays of “automotive art” (at least this is what I tell my wife we are looking at as I drag her along).  As I struggled to take it all in I came across a peculiar, some would say odd, very rare automobile.  This 1957 Isetta has three wheels and was drawing quite a crowd.  As I made my way over to get a closer look at the car, there was none other than Dave Troutman of MDNA member firm ITL Machinery Services.  

It turns out that the Isetta is owned by Bob Yeoman of MDNA member Yeoman Machinery Corporation.  Bob knew that his very rough Isetta would be very valuable to the right collector but Bob, as he will tell you is “not a car guy.”  Dave on the other hand has been in the hobby and doing concourse quality rebuilds for many years.  Enter the MDNA and one of our many networking opportunities.  These two came together and partnered to restore this piece of automotive history.  Bob brought the blank canvas and Dave brought the automotive skill set and together they have created this restored rarity.

car2 d troutman
Dave Troutman with 1957 Isetta automobile

This story just goes to show how one benefit can parlay into another after attending an MDNA networking event. So if you happen to be in the market for a very rare collector car, give Bob or Dave a call.  I hope to see you all at more MDNA networking events like the upcoming  2015 Weekend With the Pros event this Fall.

car1d troutman

flash player dies

Flash Goes BYE BYE

What You Need to Know: How this could affect your Machinery Sales and your everyday online surfing

On July 13th Mark Schmidt, Head of Firefox Support, took to Twitter to announce the news…

twitter post for Mozilla flash news

Mozilla has announced that all versions of Flash are temporarily blocked “by default” in Firefox until Adobe releases a more stable version. Users can (however, it’s discouraged by many) still enable Flash within their settings menu.

MDNA’s IT Department Shipshape, has informed us that if you are using the Chrome or Firefox browser, there may be an issue because of the recent change in the default security mode of those browsers. Chrome and Firefox browsers (most used browsers) now implement a security policy that prevents unsecured content from being displayed within a secure page. Of course, there’s an easy way to get around this if you want to.

But the question now remains, do you even want to take that risk? And regardless of how comfortable you may feel it really boils down to this:

Will potential customers visiting my company website want to take that risk?

Probably not, which is why many are purposing we get away from FLASH all together. Maybe it has reached the END of its ERA.

flash dies

Many machinery dealers are still using flash images to display machines on their website. This poses two problems for members. First, could you also be at risk of having internal company information hacked? Second, if you use flash to display your used machinery, could it be missed altogether by customers visiting your website? In this online user-friendly based world– that’s a no-go.

In a Tweet on Sunday, Alex Stamos, the new head of security at Facebook, called for the end of this software (Flash)

facebook security flash tweet

4 things you can do to address this problem now:
  1. How to disable flash from automatically running on your browsers and enable click to play
  2. How to use the new HTML5 instead of Flash41KcvYbAEOL
  3. Have your web developers look into Flash Security
  4. Ready to say goodbye to Flash completely? How to remove and disable Flash

YouTube users check this out-  Use the default HTML5 video player on YouTube™ A simple Chrome extension that gives you the option to use the default HTML5 video player on YouTube. HTML5 Video for YouTube


Related Stories:

Mobile Threat Monday- Fake flash strikes again on mobile users

Do you advertise your machinery with flash banner ads? HTML vs. Flash: the battle of the banner ads

Why Flash. Must. Die. 

See latest Twitter update from Firefox on Flash via July 15, 2015

flash update


econom 71515


AN UPDATE FOR 2015 & 2016

Weekly Economic Commentary

by John J. Canally, Jr., CFA Chief Economic Strategist, LPL Financial 

The market continues to expect that global gross domestic product (GDP) growth will accelerate in 2015, 2016, and 2017, aided by lower oil prices and stimulus from two of the three leading central banks in the world. The prospect for another year of decelerating growth in emerging markets remains a concern for some investors, who may still be waiting (in vain) for China to post 10–12% growth rates as it consistently did during the early to mid-2000s. The likelihood of rate hikes in the U.S. in late 2015 and the U.K. in early 2016 is also a potential growth headwind. Still, much stimulus remains in the system, and more is likely from the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the European Central Bank (ECB), which may help bolster growth prospects in two key areas of the globe. Although China is unlikely to embark on quantitative easing (QE), Chinese authorities have recently enacted a series of targeted fiscal, monetary, and administrative actions aimed at stabilizing China’s economy in 2015 and beyond, and more such actions may follow.

The outlook for global growth matters to investors because it defines the ultimate pace of activity that creates value for countries, companies, and consumers.


econom 71515


The outlook for global growth matters to investors because it defines the ultimate pace of activity that creates value for countries, companies, and consumers. As investors begin to digest the S&P 500 earnings reports for the second quarter of 2015 (more than 40 S&P 500 companies will report second quarter results this week, with another 300 set to report in the final two weeks of July), we provide an update on how consensus estimates for economic growth for 2015 and 2016 — in the United States and worldwide — have evolved over the past few years, and how they have been impacted by Greece, China, oil prices, the stronger dollar, and Federal Reserve (Fed) expectations. We’ll also look at how global growth estimates are tracking for 2017.

In recent years markets have focused more on global GDP growth, whereas in the past, prospects for U.S. economic growth garnered the most attention from market participants. Why does global GDP growth matter?

Read the Full Report here: Economic Commentary 07132015

mauro young gunS

Young Guns: Meet Mauro Damino

MDNA’s next featured Young Gun is a travel-thirsty, Spanish-speaking machinery dealer who believes his family’s business, MDNA member firm, Tramar Industries, Inc. (based in Novi, MI) has a competitive advantage in the industry due to their Argentine beginnings.

mauro young gunS

Mauro says “Our family moved from Argentina to Michigan in 1990, and my father had always worked with machinery in Argentina. When we moved here he started to make a living exporting machinery back to Argentina. From there we expanded to opening two warehouses in Mexico.”

Tramar Industries specializes in CNC machinery like many MDNA dealers, but the thing that sets them apart is their connection to the South American market. Tramar’s newest facility, located in Mexico, recently became a member of the MDNA in April of 2015. Tramar transports, finances, installs, and repairs machinery.

mauro and father EDIT
Mauro and Father Cesar

“With all three Daminos being fluent in Spanish, we do a lot of business in Mexico and South America and are very experienced in importing/exporting machinery,” adds Mauro.

Mauro did not always dream of working in machinery, but his family’s business and father, Cesar Damino, beckoned. And now, after 14 years of working in the industry together, he says

“We’ve made it work and have fun doing it! My mom comes in every once in a while to make sure we’re all getting along!”

Mauro has four major loves away from the “biz” that keep him occupied. First, there’s the upcoming wedding this October to his beautiful fiancé Alexis. The couple is planning to be wed beach-side in Mexico.

A destination wedding helps to quench Mauro’s other thirst for life, which is traveling.

Mauro and his finace
Mauro with Alexis

Mauro says This past summer, I went to Croatia and Greece, next up on the list is Cuba for our honeymoon.”

Mauro’s other love, or as he sees it, “his daughter,” is a black lab named Lucy who’s an office regular at Tramar Industries and takes her security position pretty seriously.Mauros dog Lucy

And as if Mauro wasn’t juggling enough already with work, international trips, a wedding, and a security officer doggy “daughter,” he’s taken on a new love for home renovating.

“For the past two years, we’ve been remodeling our current home in Royal Oak, Michigan, which has helped me realize my new-found love for renovating. Currently, I am building a front porch with my future father-in- law.”  

Mauro is currently serving as the MDNA Detroit/ Toledo Chapter Chairman.

“Since joining the MDNA, we have met so many great people with whom we have been able to do business. We deal with many of them on a day to day basis. The best part is that the more you put into the MDNA, the more you get out of it. The more you get involved, the more people you meet that you are able to do business with; more often than not, those business relationships become friendships.”

Here’s a sampling of Tramar Industries, Inc. current inventory:

CNC Lathes

CNC Machining Centers

Boring Mills


Turret Punches

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Press Brakes

Bridge/Gantry Mill Options

Machine Accessories/Chucks

CNC Lasers

Rotary Tables


Who are MDNA’s Young Guns? Learn More here