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Pawtucket Times

U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez visits MDNA Member Firm

David Gold from MDNA member firm Gold Machinery Group gave a tour of his facilities

Pawtucket Times
Pawtucket Times

to U.S.  Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, U.S. Rep David Cicilline, Senator Jack Reed, Congressman Jim Langevin, State Senator Gayle GoldinRI Department of Labor and Training Director Scott Jensen, Rhode Island AFL-CIO President George Nee and District 1199 SEIU Executive Vice President Patrick Quinn on Friday, April 24, 2014. 

These representatives visited both of Gold’s facilities,  Gold International Machinery and LNA Laser Technology as part of “a roundtable discussion on paid leave” hosted by Representative David Cicilline. 


MDNA member and Gold Machinery Group President, David Gold spoke to the group from the point of view of a successful business owner.

“To me, there’s business, but there’s also community, and quality of life. I believe that the business community is critical for creating a quality of life for all workers.”- Gold

Read the full story published on RI here


Liquidity Services MDNA Online Auction Partner

MDNA has partnered with Liquidity Services to provide a free online auction program LiquidityLogoexclusively for MDNA members.

You list your own assets, set reserves; we market the sale, invoice and collect the proceeds and send you a check/wire. Best of all, there is no charge to members who choose to participate!

There will be (3) three sales this year

Sale #1:   Closing on 6/18/15

Sale #2:   Closing on 9/24/15

Sale #3:   Closing on 12/15/15

Each event will be a combination of assets from MDNA members along with high quality inventory from our corporate clients including Caterpillar, Eaton, Honeywell, ITW, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, Intel, and many more.

Timeline for the 3rd sale is as follows:

  • Member assets submission deadline November 20th (Start listing now, they will not post to sale until late November)
  • Catalog review week of November 23rd
  • Sale go live date November 30th (No Assets can be listed or pulled after this date)
  • Inspection by appointment up until sale close
  • Sale Close Date December 15th
  • Buyer Payment collection by LSI in the following 72 hours
  • Buyer asset removal by appointment December 18th – January 9th
  • Ship confirm notification received before January 1st will be paid to the member week of January 15th
  • Ship confirm received before January 15th will be paid by January 30th

Be a part of this tremendous sale which will now be a quarterly sale event.  Not to be missed by both buyers and sellers.

The online auctions will be regularly scheduled events. Bidding for the MDNA equipment in the auction opens on the Liquidity Services’ online marketplace Please visit the auction webpage for more details and to sign up for the event

For additional details on these sales and to begin listing your own assets in the upcoming events, you can contact:

Jim Spencer, Liquidity Services (248) 508-1684

Questions regarding this great new MDNA member benefit and other valuable benefits can be directed to:

Mark Robinson, MDNA (703)-836-9300



William Culp, CFO, Pearl Equipment Company, AEA, MDNA Southern Regional Chapter Vice Chairman

He’s a good ole southern boy from Tennessee with a finance background and a love for his cattle and the countryside. He’s been working with the family machinery business, Pearl Equipment Company, for the last eight years in strategic planning roles or on the acquisition side of plant deals. In January of 2014, William Culp, AEA, became the CFO and a member of the executive team at Pearl Equipment Company. Not to mention he’s one of MDNA’s Young Guns and he’s also the new MDNA Southern Regional Chapter Vice Chairman.

William pictured with father Si Culp

As Pearl Equipment Company’s CFO William is charged with leading the finance and accounting division, structuring plant acquisitions and leading the corporate services division. And as a member of the Executive Team he, along with the rest of the team, is responsible for driving sales.


From 2006 to January 2014, William worked for a Southeast Regional Bank, in their commercial banking division. William says “That experience gave me a lot of insight into different business operations, credit processes, and asset valuations. I had the opportunity to work with a crowd of industrial clients across Tennessee, and also for a time manage the banks Entertainment Banking Group based out of Nashville.

Ive been around the machinery business all my life. My father (Si Culp) has been in the business since the early 70s. When Dad purchased Pearl in 2006 I was excited about the possibilities that it brought to the table since its proven to be a challenge, but certainly a rewarding one. We find ourselves, every day, challenging yesterdays ideals, and learning from our companies past successes and struggles. Pearl has been around since the late 1940s; So, Im very fortunate to have a library of history ‘in house’ that I can look back at for better understanding of our industry.

When William is not at the office, he’s working with his herd of Black Angus cattle at the family farm located on the Tennessee River in southern middle Tennessee. William says I try to spend as much time as possible at our farm. My family loves it out there. We spend summers, holidays and weekends there and its kind of out in the middle of nowhere.

William Culp YoungGunsFamily (3)
William, Lucy and their son Henry

William has been married for 8 years to his lovely wife, Lacey and they have a little boy named Henry who turns 2 this May. William say’s I cant begin to express how awesome Henry and his Mom are!

William says “Pearls brand is built on trust, reliability, and long term relationships with our customers, and industry partners. I always catch myself-promoting Pearls longevity in the marketplace as a reason to work with us. But its much more than that. We have the best team in the world working together. We work hard to properly represent the products we sell and to deliver them to market in a manner that gives our customers confidence in the transaction of what they are buying or selling. We treat our customers and partners as if they were one of our own. I think those traits are what has kept our brand thriving, and what will carry us on.

Pearl Equipment Company, headquartered in Nashville, TN, is a traditional stocking dealer of metalworking machinery, since 1947. Pearl primarily deals in stamping, fabrication, grinding, and chip equipment for the metal manufacturing industry. Pearl has a global customer base for both the buy side and sell side of the business. The company is a buyer for complete plant operations to individual pieces of equipment, and provides valuation services for machinery and equipment. The Nashville warehouse facility has 120,000 sq. ft. and is serviced with 50 ton cranes. See equipment below. 

Who are MDNA’s Young Guns? Learn More here

Below is a sample of inventory available for sale at Pearl Equipment Company to view all of their inventory visit them online through any of the links below.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

In honor of the 40th Anniversary marking the fall of Saigon- An MDNA member and Veteran reflects

jconroy crop
John Conroy, Machinery International Corporation, Vietnam War Veteran

Posted: April 30, 2015

I was reminded of something driving to work today. Forty years ago today, Lt.(jg) Conroy was Officer of the Deck on the 550 Foot long USS Vancouver (LPD 2) steaming in slow circles in a 2 mile x 2 mile quadrant  off the coast of South Vietnam. My main job was to avoid hitting the USS Enterprise in its quadrant to the north and the USS Hancock to the south. The Captain was below and the ship was all mine.  It was very peaceful.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia- USS Vancouver (LPD-2)

I had the 0800-1200 Watch. About two hours into it, the lookouts reported a strange cloud formation to the west. I stepped out on the bridge wing and looked at it through binoculars with the Junior Officer of the deck, Ensign Griggs. As we watched it got larger and larger and was coming straight for our formation of 50 ships, virtually the entire U.S. Seventh Fleet. Radar confirmed what was now becoming obvious to us. The “cloud” was hundreds of helicopters escaping Saigon and the surrounding area. The orders had been given to “bug out”, and Operation Frequent Wind was officially underway.

For the next 24 hours it was organized chaos as hundreds of helicopters circled over the fleet looking for any open flight deck before they ran out of fuel. The first to land on Vancouver was a South Vietnamese Chinook carrying about 40 refugees. The pilot refused to take off and return to Vietnam. The flight deck crew asked me for instructions. I told them to put the pilot on the radio. I told him there was a large barge adrift about a mile to the east and to land over there and I would send a boat to pick him up. He agreed and took off.

Soon we were overwhelmed with helicopters of all shapes and sizes. The orders were given to start rolling them off the side of the ship as soon as they were emptied to make room for others that were hovering waiting for any open deck. The only ones we kept were the blue and white ones.They were Air America, the CIA’s Air Force, and contained the latest top secret electronics that the Russians would have loved to fish out of the Tonkin Gulf after we had left.

Our crew of 360 sailors and 800 marines were pretty much overwhelmed for the next 24 hours. Vancouver took on over 2,200 refugees that day – everything from mothers with children to South Vietnamese generals with suitcases filled with gold. (We confiscated those as per orders of the Admiral) Anyone not on watch helped out. The entire inside portion of Vancouver is a hollowed out football field where we keep the marine’s landing craft and can flood it to launch them. It became our triage center, freeing the flight deck up for the helicopters. By nightfall it looked like the railroad yard scene in “Gone with the Wind” when Sherman was entering Atlanta.

After very little sleep I came back on watch as Officer of the Deck for the 0400-0800 watch. It was dark, the ship was quiet, and I felt the awesome responsibility of being in charge of an 8600 Ton Ship carrying 360 sailors, 800 marines, and now 2200 refugees.

As the sun rose I looked to the east and saw, to my chagrin, a floating barge adrift with the outline of a Chinook helicopter and a very tired pilot still waving his arms. In the chaos of the morning earlier I had completely forgotten to launch a boat to pick him up. Boy was I embarrassed. I immediately ordered a boat to pick him up, a hot meal to be ready for him, and directed that he be brought to the bridge. When he arrived I couldn’t even get in an apology as he hugged me and said he was just happy to be alive.

We arrived in Subic Bay in the Philippines a few days later with our precious cargo.

Forty years ago today.

-John Conroy

The MDNA is proud of all the men and woman that have served or are currently serving in our great country.



Premier-Vendor thumbnail

MDNA and Direct Capital: A Well-Tooled Relationship

A special message from Direct Capital (MDNA Premier Vendor) to MDNA members…

DCC-CIT_Logo new

Direct Capital’s relationship with the MDNA goes way back.

Since 2005, Direct Capital has been the company most MDNA dealers have turned to when their customers have needed financing. A decade later, our relationship is still going strong. We are proud to have been designated one of the first Premier Vendor’s in 2013.

But in that time, things have changed. Like every relationship, after a while the status quo doesn’t suffice. We wanted to be something more; we wanted to give more. So we came up with a solution.

MDNA partners, don’t worry. You’re still getting the same great offers – 2% referrals on deals generated, 100% pre-funding with payments before shipping, and application only (no financial review) up to $250K. Except now we’ve made our leasing program even better.

Having exclusive offers for MDNA partners is something we’re proud of, but so is our new digital lending platform. Whether you are a proficient iPhone and tablet user, or someone who just casually checks out Internet Explorer now and again, we guarantee our technology will work for you. And here’s why:

Technology that Works for You and Your Customers

  1. Access a Quote Tool: You want to sell a payment, not a full price, and our quote tool allows you to do just that. Show your customer what their monthly payment could be right from our platform. Or, send it to them in an email.
  2. It’s Fast and Easy: You don’t have to be technologically-savvy to understand and use our lending platform. Our online application takes only 3 minutes to complete, and your customers can receive approvals in as little as 30 seconds.
  3. Track Your Deals: Once the application is submitted, you can track your customer through each stage of the financing journey.
  4. We Offer Training: We understand ease of use means something different to everyone, which is why we offer training and support to all of our MDNA partners.

At the end of the day, your goal and our goal is the same: to connect buyers to payment solutions that help move the machine. You want your customers to buy from you, and so do we.

As a dealer, there are few things worse than customers telling you “no” because they can’t afford the machine. Leasing, and doing so with streamlined quoting and approval technology, gives them an offer that’s hard to pass up.

There’s no other way to say it: integrating your sales process with our technology will help you close deals.  We offer flexible programs that can meet any business need and we make it easy for everyone to use.  With our technology, dedicated team of lease professionals, and industry expertise on your side, the next 10 years we spend together will be just as strong.

carl davis young guns 3 building

Young Guns of MDNA, Meet Carl Davis

He is one of the MDNA’s newest members—just joining in January of 2015. An ambitious, young, marketing, tech-savvy, machinery dealing entrepreneur, Carl Davis, is the founder of the new Georgia base industrial equipment company, The Equipment Hub and we know he’ll be bringing some fresh energy into this Association with his background.

Carl Davis with Wife
Carl Davis with wife Heather

Carl says “I started The Equipment Hub in the winter of 2011.  I’ve had an innovative, entrepreneur spirit my whole life that stems from my passion of solving problems and creating new products or processes. Prior to starting the company I had a number of side businesses. The initial spark in creating the flame of The Equipment Hub was the introduction of eBay to my life.  When I was 15 years old I started using eBay to sell anything and everything I could get my hands on.  Fast forward to the age of 25. I was working with a chemical manufacturer and had the opportunity to help sell some surplus machinery.  To my astonishment I sold an old and obsolete machine relatively quick and for a good amount of money through eBay.  This is when I realized two things:  the internet was a powerful vehicle to moving machinery and most manufacturers had some old piece of machinery sitting around that they just wanted to get rid of.”

Not long after founding The Equipment Hub in December 2011 Carl’s brother & now business partner Mark joined to help grow the company.  “Since the beginning my brother and I have worked our butts off to achieve success.  When we initially started up we had little machine experience.  Because of this we had to rely on skills I had developed throughout my life; HTML code writing, Photoshop, video and photo work, SEO optimization and Internet marketing with a touch of creativity.  Our pitch was on effective equipment marketing not machine knowledge.”  

carl davis young guns 3 building
Carl with business partner/brother Mark

In the beginning Mark and Carl worked from home.  Carl remembers going out to various types of manufacturers, pitching to them that they could broker their surplus and bring them a return on their idle assets.  After doing this for a while they realized they were missing out on greater opportunities because they didn’t have the ability to store machinery that many companies preferred to sell to them.

In September of 2012 Carl and his brother Mark made their first big step by mustering the courage to get their own place.  Carl candidly says “Scared s*****ss we signed a one-year lease on a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse.  From there we both took out $10,000 each from our personal funds to start buying and selling machinery.”   Carl took on the role of acquisitions while Mark took on the role of cleaning, testing and listing the newly acquired machines. Shortly after signing the lease the two closed on their first deal, buying $4500 worth of machinery, which later sold for around $15,000.

Carl recalls “Our first big break came when we were introduced to two brothers in their 80s.  They were machinery dealers just south of Atlanta that essentially had a stale business.  The way they said it was ‘all their customers had either died or were retired.’ They had about $150,000 of metalworking machinery that they couldn’t sell anymore.  Long story short, we sold all their machinery (about 75 machines) in 6 months.”

The duo had become known as the “Internet Guys.” As their reputation started to quickly spread in January of 2013 they had a similar experience happen with another machinery dealer.  This dealer needed the “Internet Guys” to help market and sell his idle inventory.  After moving his inventory in record time, the duo started buying out whole facilities together and after taking some noted advice they also began to delve into representing some new lines of machinery.

In February of 2014 Thermwood Corporation, a manufacturer of high-end 3 and 5 axis routers contacted the duo to represent their routers in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Carl says “Although we had dealt with CNC machines in the past, the experience with Thermwood has been invaluable. Thermwood has paved the way to me understanding CNC and selling CNC machinery better.  We have dealt with so many different machines over the last 3 years of being in business.”

As The Equipment Hub continues to grow the team looks to focus more and more on high end CNC machines used both for machining and fabricating on metal, wood, plastic and composite materials.

carl davis young guns
The Equipment Hub sales team

Today The Equipment Hub is operating out of a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, has a team of 6 people, and have experienced 50% + growth every year.  Carl, a soon to be new father with wife Heather, credits his business’s success so far to his great mentors, business partners, family and clients. Carl says

“This has been an amazing journey for us so far and we feel that the sky is the limit for the future.”

Carl plans to attend MDNA’s Convention this April 23rd through 26th and is looking forward to meeting fellow members in Washington, D.C. this year.

Who are MDNA’s Young Guns? Learn More here


Below is just a small sample of inventory available for sale at The Equipment Hub to view all of their inventory visit them online through any of the links below.

Woodworking Equipment

Metalworking Equipment

cw wood machinery

C.W. Wood Machinery, Inc. hires new Director of Outside Sales and Marketing

(March 18, 2015) —- C.W. Wood Machinery, Inc. (an MDNA member firm) is pleased tocw wood announce that Dave Edwards has recently joined their company as Director of Outside Sales and Marketing. Dave comes to C.W. Wood with over 40 years of professional experience in the metalworking industry including 30 of those years in various leadership roles with Cincinnati Milacron and new product/process design, testing, engineering, manufacturing, product operations management, as well as sales and marketing. Dave has provided product and process improvement solutions spanning a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, petro-chemical, bearing, tooling and medical industry segments throughout his career. C.W. Wood welcomes Dave to their team.

For more information visit C.W. Wood Machinery, Inc. headquarters is located at 3290 Beekman St. in Cincinnati, Ohio 45223. Phone number is 513.542.8400. Contact information for Dave Edwards- Phone: 513.236.8875 E-Mail:

KB crop email

Young Guns of MDNA, Brewster

In high school and adolescent years in his small hometown of Sandusky Michigan heyoung guns text 1 was better known as “Brew Ha,” “Bangin Bear” and “Kiss of Death.”  If you dare to be so bold, you’d challenge him for his title of “fastest pin in wrestling” which was a record 5 seconds time. Kevin Brewster, President and founder of On Target Machine Brokers, LLC located in Watertown, Connecticut has been a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) since September of 2013.

KB crop email

Don’t let this competitive, all-star sports jock, machinery dealing, outdoorsman hunting, fishing, camper, Young Gun fool you. Underneath the towering 6”2 build is an easygoing softer guy. A family man who reminisces with wife Julie saying

“Our favorite memories are camping trips with the kids when they were younger and telling them the old spooky urban legends of Hookman before bedtime near the campfire.”

Kevin and Julie have a lot of mouths to feed with four children, Kenny 26, Rachel 23, Brandon 19, Alexandria (AKA Pip) 16, plus a daughter in law Alyssa 26, granddaughter Amelia 9 months, their chocolate lab Mongo and in Kevin’s words “One stupid cat named Lady.”

Kevin with wife Julie

Kevin started out in this industry as what dealers refer to as the “end user” opening his first shop at the age of 25 in Michigan (KC Machining Inc.). He was known for Wire EDM specialties in 4TH axis and was published with Mitsubishi for discovering new process to wire components. His background includes Wire EDM, Die Sink EDM, Engineering, and Project Management in the tool and die, Plastic extrusion tool and Plastic Mold making.

After relocating to Connecticut nearly 14 years ago to work and apply his skills in Medical Device Manufacturing Kevin decided he would break off on his own again. Kevin founded On Target Machine Brokers, LLC three and a half years ago and he says

“I had worked in manufacturing equipment sales for several years, but did not respect the dishonest methods I was exposed to. I knew that I had something to offer to this industry and decided to go on my own and build a company I could be proud of.”  

kevin brewster and new england crop
Kevin on the MDNA New England Chapter Tour

Today, On Target Machine Brokers, LLC (OTMB) caters to many metal fabricating and chip making industries. Kevin says

“I started my career with precision metal fabrication and I have a vast knowledge of how the equipment works. Due to this knowledge OTMB can offer our expertise and experience to ‘Target’ the right equipment for our customers. This and our customer service is what makes our team gain our customers’ trust and keep it. Our core values are to ensure our customers are profitable with their new equipment and ensuring that they have the best experience possible.”

Kevin was recently elected as the Chair of the MDNA New England Chapter. He says

“I enjoy traveling to the MDNA events with my wife and each time we go I’ve made new contacts and I’ve been able to make money with the members of the MDNA.”

kevin julie crop
Julie and Kevin at the MDNA Convention 2014


Sample of used equipment On Target Machine Brokers, LLC has listed for sale includes: Air Compressors, Air Lifts, Air Uploaders, Angle Bending Rolls, Arm Drills, Band Saws, Bar Feeders, Bending Machines, Brakes, Bridgeparts & Knee Mills, Boring Mills, Chip Wringer, CMM, CNC, Conveyors, Die Head Threaders, Drill Presses, Dust Collection Systems, EDM/Wire EDM, Fabricating, Grinders, Lathes, Laser Cutting Machines, Lift Trucks, Press Brakes, Roll Forming Machines, Shears, Spindle Chucking Machines, Vertical Mills, Welders.


Who are MDNA’s Young Guns? Learn More here



Young Guns of MDNA, Clark

Introducing Troy Clark of Clark Machinery Sales, LLC.young guns text 1

Troy’s business, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, is located in a town called Hunt Valley, Maryland, which is approximately three hours south of New York and just over an hour north of Washington, D.C.

He’s known to be an early bird, often on the green squeezing in the back 9 before most of us have even had coffee. Troy says, “It’s my favorite way to start the work day.” Golfing isn’t the only sport to get this Marylanders adrenaline pumping, he exclaims..

“I enjoy few things more than downhill skiing…. and football are you kidding? Go Ravens!”


However, Troy’s not the only controller of the remote and his greatest joy is sharing his life with wife Helen of over 14 years and their two lovely, creative daughters, Amelia (10) and Lily (8).  Helen and Troy are both cinephile’s and can’t say enough great things about this year’s “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

troy and family

In 1997, shortly after moving to Chicago, Troy began working in the used machinery industry. Troy’s father was working a machine cell at the very time Troy started dialing companies from the D&B book in Chicago. It was through a series of life events and various careers that Troy says

“I found myself face to face with the decision to leap into the free-fall that is business ownership.”  He founded Clark Machinery in January of 2005. Troy exclaims, “Each year since then it has been a great adventure in the Wild-Wild West of machinery dealing!”

Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, specializes in buying and selling metalworking machinery nationwide. The company’s focus areas are: CNC Swiss, Haas Machinery, multi-axis lathes and machining centers.  Troy says they succeed because “we are passionate about process, believing that structure and clarity protect both the buyer and the seller.”  Troy started out as a broker, but has since moved into buying for inventory and holding auctions.  He is also a proud member of the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA).

troy and his office team1

Troy is an active member of Machinery Dealers National Association and is currently the Chair for the MDNA Philadelphia Chapter.

“We own inventory with MDNA dealers across the country and enjoy working with our fellow MDNA dealers whom we consider to be some of the best individuals in the industry!”- Troy Clark


Who are MDNA’s Young Guns?

There are many new and younger faces throughout our MDNA membership.  This new sponsorship program aims to introduce the new faces of these companies as well as introduce key people at new MDNA member firms.

MDNA “Young Guns” are sponsoring A Night at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History!  This grand evening would not be possible without the support of this growing sponsorship team.

If you are interested in this incredible “Young Guns” sponsorship opportunity please reach out to the MDNA office. Stay tuned as we introduce you to the new breed of MDNA members and future leaders of the industry at this year’s Convention and throughout the coming year.

For Young Guns you may have missed go the the NEWSROOM drop-down menu above. 

young guns text 1

Who are MDNA’s Young Guns?

There are many new and younger faces throughout our MDNA membership.  This young guns text 1new marketing program aims to introduce the new faces of these companies as well as introduce key people at new MDNA member firms.

If you are interested in this incredible “Young Guns” marketing opportunity please reach out to the MDNA office.

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce you to the new breed of MDNA members and future leaders of the industry throughout the coming year.

*For Young Guns you may have missed select the links below!