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 Machinery Dealers You Can Trust

Welcome to the Machinery Dealers National Association. MDNA is an international, nonprofit trade association dedicated to the promotion of the used machinery industry. It was established in 1941 to assure buyers of the integrity and reliability of the hundreds of used machinery dealers from around the world that are members of our Association. Learn more.

Search for MDNA Machinery Dealers and Auctioneers Around the World

You don't have to be an MDNA member to take advantage of our international directory of MDNA machinery dealers and auctioneers. To find the MDNA member right for your needs, click here.

Used Machinery For Sale

Locate used machinery and equipment offered by MDNA members. Use one of the convenient search tools or use the free buy-sell service to find machines you need and advertise equipment you want to sell. Search for used equipment for sale now.

Why Buy Used Equipment?

  • The machine you want is ready for shipment
  • Delivery time is short
  • The equipment is reliable
  • The cost can be 30 to 70 percent less than the price of a similar new machine
  • The value of used machinery has been proven over time

Why Buy Used Equipment From an MDNA Member?

  • They are specialists
  • They have technical expertise you can depend on
  • They know the value of used machine tools
  • They can finance, lease, mortgage or rent used equipment
  • They abide by the association's Code of Ethics